Reading business forecasts for the new year, you most probably think that everything is trendy right now. The key is to imagine what Is really important for you and your clients and try to implement it to your project road maps. That’s what we did. We’re blowing wind into our sails, because the forecasted trends are in our favour! Below you’ll find the five most important 2017 trends to us in case you missed it on our Facebook.


    In 2016, the amount of data on the Internet has exceeded the magic number of 10 Zettabytes (!!!) and still growing! Monetisation of the data, although profitable, isn’t the simplest of tasks. There aren’t many tools appropriate for this task, despite the growing demand. These tools could help companies find themselves in the jungle of BIG DATA. In our view, the most important trend for the new year is the increasing desire of companies to analyse the large volume of data they collect. We are very excited because we have been preparing something special related to this topic for some time. But more about that later!


    As I said, data numbers are still growing. User requirements are also increasing!  We all want to be able to analyze data even faster and more conveniently. You know that the more you have, the more you want. So we need appropriate analytical tools. In our experience we know that reports must be visually interesting, transparent and user-friendly. But most importantly, they need to display data in real time! This would allow for even faster and more accurate understanding of customer needs. In addition, users will be able to use this data in the most efficient way. Sounds good, right?

  1. HUMAN EXPERIENCE (yep, it’s not here by accident J)

    We are happy that for most people UX is not just about changing the colour of the interface or the position of the buttons. More and more companies see that the term “client” or “user” is not enough. After all, our products are used primarily by people. And this is extremely important! That’s why 2017 will be “Human Experience Year” for us. Brands should take care of the people using their services, and let them to fall in their taste. Human Experience is the ability to communicate at various levels, commitment and creating a bond with a client. For us, this trend is nothing new, and we are pleased that others see how important this is!


    Just like it was in previous years, 2017 will be marked by “mobile” sign. This trend can’t be ignored. Especially since Google changed its algorithms to prioritize websites optimized for mobile devices. On the horizon you can’t see really significant revolution, but the design development for mobile devices is alive and well. According to this trend not only will matching views to different screen sizes be important [placed will before the subject] but so, too, will the ecosystem which users interact with every day.


    Companies are becoming more aware of how to use content marketing.  The amount of good-quality branded content is growing. We are curious to see how the blurring boundary between media and advertising messages will affect the shape of mass media. It’s certain that whoever uses this trend will be like a winner in the lottery!