Is the first pancake always spoiled?

Since we started cloud development I knew that I’ll have to step out of my comfort zone. It’s part of the fun of starting your own company – there’s nowhere to hide! Recently such a challenge came in a form of a presentation.

I took a part in the semifinal of Women Startup Competition where I had to deliver a two minute pitch. Although I haven’t had much experience presenting in such a way, there was no question in my head about what I’d talk about:

WSC Berlin 2017

Working in a startup means that you live and breathe your product most of the time and it’s great to be able to share your passion with others. That said, I created a pitch that explained the what and why behind our digital baby.

I treated the competition as a way to practice, to test myself in a situation where I need to infect strangers with my passion for in just two short minutes.

You should probably know why I considered the pitch challenging:

  • First of all, I used to love competition but that faded when I left my last full time job. It was kind of a rat race and I thought I left the the stress of it behind but entering a competition brought back the memories of that time.
  • Secondly, I had to deliver the presentation in English. Despite the fact that I use the language quite often, especially as an expat living in Berlin, I still don’t feel comfortable using the language.
  • Finally, I was going to be judged. You can never feel comfortable when you’re putting all the time and effort you can into developing a product and then someone makes a judgement on it within a blink of an eye.

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times already but I feel it’s so true that it’s “better to try and fail than not to try at all.” (Nicole Krauss, you’re such a smart man.) Often we haven’t got much to lose and yet we let fear stops us in our tracks.

Taking part in the competition was totally worth all the stress. Not only did I have an opportunity to talk about something I’m passionate about but also made top 3. The experience also confirmed that we should continue doing what we’re doing because it’s good!

WSC Berlin 2017

What is more, our company never joined an accelerator programme so we haven’t had any training on how to pitch. And yet I took third place at this competition – how cool is that?

I’m now much more confident and feel more positive about what the future holds for me, my family and cloud development. Maybe that’s exactly what I needed to activate my potential?

I look forward to working harder on our product and hope you’ll hang around for the journey. Join us on Facebook and Twitter and witness our growth 🙂