One-day geeky tour of Berlin!

So… you’re a fan of new technologies. You want to create a tsunami and play Space Invaders. You’re ready for an interactive ride to Brandenburg Gate on a wheelchair. Well, then here are a few places you definitely need to see when visiting Berlin.

It’s going to be a wonderful geeky day!  But how can you prepare yourself properly? You will need a lot of power and energy so let’s start your tour in F-shain in Silo Coffe. Here you’ll meet people from all over the world who, not only love new technologies but are also passionate about coffee and love good brunch.

Places full of interactive experiments!

Just around the corner from Silo Coffe you’ll find the ComputerSpieleMuseum where you can get nostalgic about games you played as a child but also play them. The museum holds over 300 interactive exhibits which will keep you occupied to the point where you won’t want to leave…

But when you finally do, the next stop should be Spectrum – a place full of experiments! If you fancy playing with sound, creating a tsunami or seeing yourself in a distorting mirror, this place is for you. At Spectrum you can let your inner child out and also learn about the world around us and all the exciting phenomenon associated with it.

If the previous spots woke up a hunger, you need to go to the Game Science Center – an amazing place set up by game developers. For those interested in what the future holds in computing, here you will be able to experience it first hand.

The best SPACE for freelancers, high med technology and sleeping in a camper!

Do you need a break or maybe do some work? St Oberholz is the place to go. Relax and take in the atmosphere of this place which is perceived as a digital boheme where especially freelancers like to hang out.

For your last stop we recommend Otto Bock Museum where you can find out how combining technology, biomechanics and medicine can improve quality of human life. You’ll learn how science takes from nature in interactive displays and driving a wheelchair at the Brandenburg Gate.

Are you hungry yet? Need time to relax and recharge after a full day of exploring? Go to Transit and indulge in a variety of tasty dishes but also experience an interesting way of placing orders. Especially if you don’t have the patience to choose from a standard menu.

This is just a selection of the places we think are worth visiting in Berlin. In case this is too much for one day for you or you’d like to spread the fun over a few days, we recommend a stay in a camper in Hütten Palast. How cool is that?